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    • If you want to pay with PayPal, please join our DISCORD and create a ticket with the following information: Cheat you want to purchase: Your Forum Username: Cheat: Subscription Time: (Check availability)  
    • If one were to purchase Valorant for Lifetime, isit possible to contact privately and discuss the price? Quotation price can be decided by Admin and Developer, of course. 
    • Cheat Information   Supported Windows 10 Versions: 1903, 1909 & 2004 Features list Aimbot: Aim FOV Smooth Aim Aim Key  Prediction Bone Selection Recoil Control (RCS)   ESP: Player Name Player Distance Player Box Show Spectators Weapons ESP Rifles ESP Snipers ESP Armor ESP Meds ESP Attach ESP Ammo ESP     Purchase Here
    • Six  Private/Slotted Cheat Information: Max Slots: 15 Unlock ALL Skins and Charms Unlock ALL Operators Unlock ALL Elites Visuals: Player ESP Player Box Player Name Player Head Player Health Aimbot: Normal Aimbot Perfect Silent Aimbot Fov (0 - 180) Smooth/Humanize (0 - 250)  Aim Key Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Chest, Stomach) Weapon: RCS (Recoil Control System) RCS Pitch RCS Yaw No Spread Misc: Save & Load Configurable Menu Secure: Support BattlEye Anti Leak Protection Unique Builds Windows 10 [2004, 1909, 1903]
    • Khaos DayZ Cheat Information Visuals: Player ESP Player Name Player Box Player Distance Show Zombies Show Server NPC ALL Item ESP Item Name Item Category (Weapons, Ammo, Clothings, Food, Others) Aimbot: Aimbot Magic Bullets / Murderer Mode FOV Random Bone Draw Fov At Zombies Misc: Always Day Speed Hack No Grass ESP Distance ESP Color   SUPPORTED WINDOWS VERSIONS: 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004.  
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