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Rust Cheat Information

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KHAOS Rust Cheat Features:


Aimbot and Weapons Modifier:
Angle (FOV)
Prediction (Bullet Prediction, Bullet Gravity)
RCS (Recoil Control System)
Aim at Scientists (NPC)
Draw Fov
Visible Check

No Recoil rage
No Spread rage
No Sway rage
Thick Bullet (Low FOV Silent Aim)

Super Bow
Super Eoka
Force Auto
Instant Compound

Player ESP
Player Name
Player Distance
Player Health
Player Weapon
Player Hotbar (item at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 belt)
Player Weapon in Hands
Player Sleeping

Show NPCs
Show Ores
Show Collectables (Wood, Metal, Stone, Sulfur, Sements, Eatable, Others)
Show All Dropped Items
Show Crates (Military, Normal, Elite, Tools, Barrels, Miner)
Show Turrets
Show Vehicles (Minicopter, Boats)
Show Animals
Show Horses
Show Raids
Show Base Chests

Configurable ESP Distance, Crosshair, Font, ESP Thick, Player ESP Colors



Jesus (Walk on Water)
Spider Man (No Fall Damage, Walk on Walls)
Admin Flag (Force Admin flag to use commands like debug camera etc)
No Aimblock
No Heavy (No Weight)
Always Day (External)
Custom Time (External)
Bright at Night (External)
Remove Lights (External)
Bright at Cave (External)
Save Home Locations with a Custom Name

Save (Default, Settings 1, Settings 2)
Load (Default, Settings 1, Settings 2)





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