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Media Reward - Showcase Our Cheats And Get Free Days

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Hello guys, starting today the KHAOS staff team decided to do something in order to reward our users.


This is how it will work: For every video uploaded to Youtube that meets all of the requirements listed below showcasing one of our cheats you will get 3 days added to your subscription.


Requirements for getting the reward:

  • The video needs to be at least 02:00 minutes
  • The video needs to be public
  • The video title must contain "KHAOS.MONSTER"  (Example "CS:GO Cheat - KHAOS.MONSTER")
  • The video description must have a link to our forum (



  • If you have more than one subscription active the 3 days will be added to the game that you made the video.
  • You can only be rewarded for 2 videos per month (6 days), but you are free to make as many videos as you wish.
  • After uploading the video to Youtube you will need to create a topic on our Media section, after you do this you will receive your reward in the next days, no need to DM any staff member.
  • 1 Day subscriptions are not eligible for this promotion.


We hope you enjoy this system and have fun using our cheats, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the forums or discord.

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